Feeding Time Video

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Sailfin Pleco, Clown Peckoltia, Siamese Algae Eaters, Pictus Catfish, Orange Spot Bristlenose, Common Bristlenose, Striped Talking Catfish’s tail and some Danios and Angels floating about…


Pleco, Bristlenose and Siamese Algae Eater – Video

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Finally got a Pleco

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Today we made a trip out to Coburg and got our first Pleco. The whole reason/idea of getting a 4ft tank was to get big fish, but up until now we haven’t actually got any big ones!

He is awesome… Has taken a liking to one of the caves that the Pictus likes to live in, but there has been no fighting. He is much bigger than the Pictus though so maybe that’s why.

We also got 2 Bristlenose caves while we there, so they can have a hidy hole. Be cool if they bred, but knowing my luck they will be all the same sex.

We also made a decision to get rid of the Congo Tetras. When they zap around stealing food off the BN they seem to be taking chunks out of their fins as they go. I’ve also been told by a few people that the reason the Pictus never seem to leave their caves is probably because the Congos are so active and fast and scare them a bit. So Sunday we will take them to Coburg Aquarium and they can have a new home there.

Bristlenose Cats and Congo’s – Video

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The video on the new iPhone 4 is awesome… This is just after I have fed them all.

Red Cherry Shrimp – Video

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Feeding time for the Red Cherry Shrimp. There are masses of them now, and there are quite a few pregnant females and heaps of 1-2mm babies hiding in the Java Moss.

Current tank and inhabitants…

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Had a few deaths… Peppy the peppermint died about 2 months ago and Whippy the Whiptail started looking a bit off colour. Started noticing a trial of white stringy poo, and after diagnosis help from the folks at Aquariums Downunder, the conclusion was made that we had Hex… So I got some metro and treated the tank and fish over about 12 days. Treatment stopped almost a month ago, and although we lost Whippy, everyone else seems to be doing really well.

So the current inhabitants are:
3 x Common Bristlenose catfish (18/3/10)
1 x Orange spot Bristlenose catfish  (
6 x Congo Tetras (who are psycho crazy and I think are nipping at the BN) (3/6/10)
2 x Pictus catfish
5 x Danios
1 x Red Eye Tetra
4 x Siamese Algae Eaters (9/5/10)
4 or 5 x Baby Angels (30/8/10)
1 x Silver Shark (2/6/10)

Got the Angels on Monday from a mate who has a heap of babies at the moment. There were 5, but I have only been able to count 4 in the last 24 hours. They are pretty small, maybe just a few cm’s. But they seem to be doing ok, except the one that is dead, if it is dead that is…

I still really want a striped talking catfish.. They have them at Coburg for about $55. Just want to make sure my tank is happy and healthy first. And I need to build another cave for him to hide in.

Angel baby

Congo Tetra


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Need to get some more pics of the new guys I have. I will get around to it when time permits!

Anyway… The inhabitants now include…

2 x Pictus cats (who are getting along a lot better now, not best buddys, but they tolerate each other)
4 x Common Bristlenose
1 x Peppermint Bristlenose
1 x Whiptail catfish
5 x assorted Danios
2 x Red eye tetras
6 x Congo Tetras

Everyone is getting along well. The peppermint gets out and about a lot more now, and even gets in there are nudges his way in to get some algae wafer. We spot the whiptail a lot more, but he still hides a fair bit.

I got the Congos last week, they were picked on the basis that they live in the upper part of the tank, although after a week they are still hanging about at the bottom.. Grr.

Now I really want a Talking Catfish, but trying to weigh up if the room is there for another bottom feeder.
The others I am thinking about are some big gouramis, because they seem to favour the top part of the tank, or getting a whole bunch of small neon or black tetras. The pictus might eat a few when they get bigger, but so far they have left the danios alone.

We had a major bad algae forest growing a few weeks back. But some algae fix stuff cleared that up. The tank doesnt get any direct light, well so I thought. Although as I have been getting up earlier and going to the gym I have noticed that it gets direct sunlight for about and hour or so in the mornings, so I need to put a cover on the tank I think.

The only other thing that annoys me is the trickle filter is great, but it doesnt really suck out the debris, so I need to regularly vaccum. Especially with the BN who are messy little buggers!

So thats the latest update. Life has been rather hectic and chaotic so I havent had the time lately to sit and read and study the tank and fish as much as I would like to… But thats life!

I want more tanks though… I want more catfish and maybe some aus natives and I am even developing a liking for cichlids… ahhhhh